• Bridge reopens after storms cause major flooding

    By: Stephanie Coueignoux


    STALLINGS, N.C. - The Goose Creek Bridge in Stallings is back open, after state inspectors inspected it Wednesday morning.
    Police closed it for hours, after Tuesday’s strong storms caused major flooding.
    Crews are left cleaning up the mess. Channel 9 spotted broken concrete, a sewer pipe knocked off its hinges, and debris littering the now-cracked pavement.
    Lou Amorose said the bridge floods all the time.
    “It’s dangerous when it floods. It's dangerous,” Amorose said.
    Stallings Town Manager Kevin Woods said this is the first time he’s heard of any flooding.

    “We have no record of water going over that bridge over the last 10 years," he said.
    Because of the barricade, families were unable to drop their children off at a day care. They had no choice except to park along a gravel road and then walk with their children a quarter of a mile further down.
    Channel 9 asked if the town had any plans to raise the bridge.
    Woods said because it's state owned, the town doesn't have any say. He did say the NC Department of Transportation is now assessing the bridge.
    Woods said the town does plan to fix a massive pipe on Shanamara Drive after it overflowed, and flooded the neighborhood.
    “The water was surging so fast, it couldn't get into the sewers quickly enough,” Jay Yzaguirre said.
    “It does affect property and that's really our biggest concern,” Woods said.
    They hope to fix the pipe by the end of August.

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