• Bullet slams into family's home, lands feet from newborn

    By: Greg Suskin


    YORK COUNTY, S.C. - Ashleigh Jay was terrified when something plunged through her roof Friday night.
    "I jumped up and my 5-year-old -- she freaked out and almost started crying. She was like, 'What's that Mommy because it was so loud.’"
    It wasn't until later she realized the heavy, gray object was a bullet and it had hit the floor only feet from her children.
    "It actually came right through here," Jay said, pointing to a large, round hole in the ceiling in her living room. 
    When deputies arrived they were able to see sunlight through the hole.
    Jay had been outside playing with her children at her home on Moss Creek Road and they had all just come inside when it happened.
    "We were just watching TV until bedtime and we heard this loud bang," she said.
    The 40-caliber bullet hit the floor and was lodged behind a piece of furniture.
    It landed only 2 feet from where 1-week-old Joanna was asleep in a swing. Jay also has two other young girls who were nearby.
    "That's the scariest thing. I've got three kids and none of us were far from it," Jay said.
    She didn't know what the object was at first until a friend told her it was a bullet.
    Deputies said it looks like someone fired a gun into the air and the slug came down on Jay's house. It could've been miles away because Jay said her neighbors don't fire guns and she never hears gunfire. 
    "Our neighbors are nice. Everybody keeps to themselves. Most of them have kids like we do -- little kids," she said.
    Deputies said the bullet was not destroyed and could possibly be traced. It's now in evidence.

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