• Bullets riddle Charlotte home with toddler inside

    By: Trish Williford


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police are looking for the gunman they said fired several shots at a west Charlotte home full of people, including a toddler.
    Tammy Bolden was afraid for her life when bullets pierced through her home Monday night.
    “All I heard was the gunshots and my son say, ‘Get down, get down low,’” Bolden said.
    Her two-year-old granddaughter, 81-year-old mother and six other people were inside the home.
    They also took cover.
    The family was preparing for bed at their Dunkirk Drive home when Bolden said someone pulled up to her house and started firing gunshots.  She immediately called police.
    Her mother said she has lived there her whole life and can't imagine someone would want to harm her family.
    Bolden is thankful her loved ones are safe and said they plan to spend the night somewhere else.

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