Burke deputies find meth lab near retirement home

by: Dave Faherty Updated:


BURKE COUNTY, N.C. - Burke County deputies are moving residents of a retirement home to a new location after finding a suspected meth lab on the property.

Investigators said they found a meth lab in a yard next to the Linville Heights Rest Home.

Late Monday night, there were narcotics officers in the yard of the home on Paddys Creek Road in the western part of Burke County.  

Deputies said they found a lab inside where they believe the couple was cooking methamphetamine.

The lab located about 30 yards from the Linville Heights group home.  

There are five adults, some in wheelchairs, who were moved out of the home Monday night by adult protective services.  

The sheriff's office said Vernon McCarther and Gina Bingham have been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.  

"The concern is putting innocent people at risk. I doubt very seriously anyone in the group home had any idea this was going on," said Burke County Sheriff Steve Whisenant.

There is a cleanup team on its way to Paddys Creek Road to go to that home.

The couple arrested Monday night was upset as they were led into the sheriff’s office.