• Business in Tampa says convention impact hasn't met its expectations

    By: Blair Miller


    TAMPA, Fla. - Fifty thousand people went to Tampa for this week's convention, and 35,000 are expected in Charlotte next week for the DNC.

    For months, we've heard these conventions bring big business to local businesses. So Wednesday, Eyewitness News spoke with some local businesses in Tampa to see how it's impacted them.

    The host committee in Tampa estimated visitors would spend $40-50-million on hotels, meals and transportation.

    Eyewitness News stopped by a restaurant on Wednesday that’s along one of the main streets that takes you into Tampa. It's about a mile from the arena and convention center.

    The owner has added workers and extended hours this week in anticipation of more customers and more business. But they're disappointed, saying it's been a slow week.

    “I thought it would be a lot more people.  Like, I would stay here to work so I could see all the people, but it wasn't that many,” said restaurant worker Keiana Quintna.

    Charlotte officials have said the DNC will be a game-changer, and will have an economic impact of as much as $200 million and will benefit the city and businesses for years to come.

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