• Students recover after violence at Livingstone College

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    SALISBURY, N.C. - Students are recovering after violence at Livingstone College Saturday. The suspect or suspects are still on the loose according to campus officials. They believe the people involved may have actually climbed over the fence to sneak in.

    "People started fighting and went outside, and it was a brawl," student Darrius Duboise said about the incident. .

    According to school officials, a college fundraiser turned ugly after people who don't go to school at Livingstone showed up on campus.

    "And apparently got into some kind of altercation with one of the students, left and came back with some kind of weapon," Livingstone College spokesman State Alexander said.

    Alexander said he doesn't know the type of weapon used, but he does know someone fired it and hit Livingstone students.

    "A couple of our students were peppered with these very small pellets," Alexander said.

    None of them were seriously injured and they were released from the hospital a short time later, but the mood on campus is now tense, according to students.

    "This is crazy," Duboise said. "And it shouldn't be going on at a college campus."

    Duboise is concerned for his fellow classmates, who were victims of violence on a school campus that prides itself on education and campus life.

    "It's unusual, unnecessary," Duboise said.

    Alexander says the college doesn't tolerate weapons on campus and will be beefing up security.

    "Our campus police along with the Salisbury Police Department are working together on the investigation," Alexander said.

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