• Best food, drinks in country? NC ranked No. 11, SC No. 25


    NORTH CAROLINA - Thrillist, a site that recommends the best “under the radar” restaurants in the United States, released an article ranking every state in the country by its food and drink options.

    South Carolina was ranked No. 25 on the list; the site said the mustard-based barbecue sauce was either the best or worst thing that happened to barbecue. The site also specifically referenced Charleston as a place with great spots.

    North Carolina was listed No. 11, with Asheville as the lead point.  The mountain area has more breweries per capita than any city in the country, according to the site. Krispy Kreme, Texas Pete’s and Cheerwine were also invented in NC.

    California landed the top spot, the state’s 80,000 farms produce half of all U.S.-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables. 

    The site listed North and South Dakota as the bottom two states. Click here to see how each state ranked.

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