• Center City Partners recruits ambassadors to help visitors during DNC

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    Center City Partners is putting together a team of to help Democratic National Convention visitors find restaurants, activities and other locations in uptown Charlotte.

    The goal is to ensure the thousands of visitors to the Queen City, many of whom may be visiting for the first time, have a good experience during the DNC.

    Center City Partners hopes to recruit about 50 volunteers to work four-hour "ambassador" shifts along Tryon Street from Sixth Street to Stonewall.

    Ambassadors will wear marked T-shirts and hats. They will help people on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Their job is to make people feel welcome with hopes that when visitors go home, they'll spread the word about Charlotte and return. They will answer questions about anything from directions to local history and offer recommendations for things like restaurants.

    "We don't want people going back with any kind of negative experience," Center City Partners Chief Creative Officer Robert Krumbine said. "We want them to enjoy themselves."

    The host committee is providing some volunteers, but Center City Partners is also recruiting people who know uptown well.

    They will be holding a training session at the Seventh Street Public Market from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and welcome anyone interested to come and sign up.

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