Changes coming to Uptown parking

by: Jason Stoogenke Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Eyewitness News found out you could see changes to help you find on-street parking Uptown.

City crews spent the summer trying out some new parking ideas along Tryon Street, and now they're ready to go with them across Uptown, replacing cumbersome signs with ones that are more clear, using basic symbols and color schemes.

Another idea is to clearly mark sections of each block for three zones: parking, drop off, and deliveries. That is also supposed to create more spaces. Another idea is to upgrade pay stations so, maybe, eventually, you'll be able to go online and see where spaces are open.

City Council member Warren Cooksey said, "There all these things to do Uptown, but a frequent reason people give for not coming here is that parking is confusing."

As soon as Eyewitness News told Cassie Grice about the story, she had stories of her own, ones about how she struggles every day to find on-street parking.

"It's like they don't want you to park, but when you're picking up people or running to grab something to eat, you don't know what to do," Grice said.

There are a lot of ways the city can pay for these changes. Two possibilities that have come up: charge drivers more or make them pay on Saturdays, too.