• Charlotte airports wants to spend $50M for efficient baggage system

    By: Scott Wickersham


    Charlotte Douglas airport wants to spend $50 million to add extra security and efficiency to the baggage handling system at the airport.
    Right now after travelers check bags, Transportation Security Administration workers have to take them off the carousel, run them through security scanner and then dump them back on carousel.
    The airport stated people have to handle bags several times throughout the process.
    A new system  would be completely automated, faster and more efficient.
    Maybe you've landed at your destination only to find your bag didn't make the trip or been on a flight left waiting for the luggage to be loaded.
    Charlotte-Douglas is preparing for a major overhaul behind the scenes to keep those bags moving and going to the right place.
    A state of the art automated baggage handling system that will result in less luggage handling by people.
    “It is very complex, with a lot of computer controls. Conveyors take it through the screening area and then take it directly to a bag makeup carousel, where airline employees take them out to the airplane,” said Deputy Aviation director Jack Christine.
    The belts will run the bags through a scanner automatically to look for explosives or other dangerous items.
    Charlotte is now looking for a company to help install and maintain the system.
    The contractor would need to keep track of bags with almost 100 percent accuracy or it could lose money. While most of it will happen out of sight for flyers, they can appreciate the end result.
    It could mean more on time flights and their bags being there when they land.
    The first phase will come online in October and the second in August 2015.
    Although bags can move through the system more quickly, they said this doesn’t mean flyers can show up at the last minute.  Travelers still need to arrive early for flights.

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