City approves funding for upgrades to airport, BofA stadium



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte City Council approved millions of dollars of upgrades to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

On Monday night, the city approved a new closed-circuit television, upgrades to a communications control room and the building of a new airport rental car storage facility.

The city also approved repairs to aircraft ground equipment, new entrance roadway lights and approved a new three-year deal for public Internet use.

Some of the upgrades will be paid for through grants from the Transportation Security Administration while council said others will be paid for through the city's airport discretionary fund.

The City of Charlotte voted Monday night to move forward with planned renovations of the Panthers Bank of America Stadium.

The council voted to accept the $28 million price tag to begin phase one of the improvements.

The improvements will include escalators, entryways, and new lightning.

Funding for the city's investment is provided from the existing 1 percent food-and-beverage tax and 3 percent occupancy tax.