Charlotte couple under investigation after 6-month-old dies

by: Mark Becker Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte couple charged with abusing their 7-week-old son two years ago is under investigation again after their 6-month-old daughter died.

Police were called to a motel on Tuckaseegee Road in west Charlotte late Saturday night and found the little girl had stopped breathing.

Police questioned the girl's mother, Krishay Mouzon, and the baby's father, Todd Boderick, and have not filed any charges, but family members contacted Eyewitness News because the case sounds all too familiar.

Court records show that Mouzon and Boderick had been charged with felony child abuse two years ago after their 7-week-old child was admitted to the hospital with severe injuries, including a skull fracture and broken ribs.

Prosecutors wrote that there was no question the child was seriously injured, and probably not by accident.

But they said there was no evidence to show who had committed the

So they dismissed the charges.

That child is now 2 years old and living with his grandmother, who told Eyewitness News he is doing well.