• Charlotte may struggle to find funding for future transit projects


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte may have a hard time landing money for future transit.

    Gov. Pat McCrory made his first trip Wednesday to Charlotte since taking office and met with Mayor Anthony Foxx.

    The state still plans to fund part of the light rail to University City, but Foxx walked away with the impression the state may have a hard time matching funds down the road.

    McCrory has said repeatedly the state has to cut spending.

    “I've told each of my cabinet secretaries to first of all, look for any ways we can reduce spending. If there's any fat then stop it. Stop it as quick as possible,” McCrory said during an interview with Eyewitness News.

    "Our question now is future projects and how quickly we can get them done," Foxx said.

    As Charlotte mayor, McCrory championed light rail and says he still believes strongly in mass transit.

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