• Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district grows by more than 1,000

    By: Alan Cavanna


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Officials say the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district grew by surprising numbers this year.

    CMS estimates the population on the 10th day of school was just more than 141,000 students.

    That's 1,000 more than the district was  expecting and the highest number ever for CMS.

    Officials said most of the growth is in the north and south  parts of the counties.

    Parents told Eyewitness News they're happy to be a part of a growing district but hope the growth is dealt with.

    "I don't know how they'll handle the capacity, because they already have trailers right now," parent Kim Ransom said. "So I don't know how they'll handle the capacity, but I hope it's still a good experience for us."

    CMS will take an official population count later this month.

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