• Charlotte woman becomes victim of road rage after shots fired

    By: Joe Bruno


    CHARLOTTE - Jane Howard said she was driving just before 2 p.m. Monday in west Charlotte when she heard gunshots, looked out of her window and saw a driver behind her with a gun.

    The mother of three U.S. Marines was going slowly on Tuckaseegee Road at Reid Park because she was behind a school bus.

    “You hear about road rage, but when you see it firsthand, it is totally psychotic,” Howard said.

    One of the three shots hit her Kia Soul's bumper.

    “You just ask yourself, “Why people have to resort to those means?’” Howard said.

    Howard is so rattled by the shooting she's now considering moving away from the Queen City.

    “Watch out for a blue Mitsubishi Mirage and don't make him mad because he's got a gun,” she said.

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