• 'Charlotte's got a lot' billboard in Raleigh turning heads


    RALEIGH, N.C. - A Raleigh billboard touting Charlotte has a lot of people asking why.

    The “Charlotte’s got a lot” billboard was put up near the Interstate 40 offramp to Hammond Street headed toward downtown Raleigh, WTVD reported.

    The billboard is an advertisement for the Queen City.

    According to WTVD, nearly 12.5 million people visited Raleigh last year and spent $1.9 billion.

    It appears Charlotte is trying to recruit some of the business.

    A representative from the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority tells Channel 9 Raleigh is a top drive-in market for the area in addition to Greensboro, Columbia, Charleston and Greenville, S.C.

    More ads will be popping up in the Raleigh/Durham area promoting Charlotte over the next few weeks, the rep said.

    WTVD interviewed
    Raleigh residents to see what they thoguth about it.

    “I thought it was well done. It certainly makes sense from a marketing perspective why they're advertising and marketing here," said one resident who saw the billboard.

     "It'd be nice to see some 'Raleigh's got a lot' in Charlotte next time I go there,” another resident said.

    Read WTVD's full story on the billboard here.

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