Chilly Willy remembered in NoDa Monday

by: Jason Stoogenke Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Hundreds waited in a line Monday night to say goodbye to William "Larry" Major, the well-known homeless man many called "Chilly Willy."

It was a diverse crowd at the Church of Jesus Christ in NoDa. People paid their respects to a man who, his brother told WSOC, lived in public housing, but preferred the streets.

"Nobody was a stranger. You can tell that," said Johnny Major. "He loved everybody and it was just open. He didn't like to be caged up."

Mark Polston said, "I was down on my luck one day and he give me money. He give me money."

Valerie McCray said, "I knew him and he was a part of my life and he was an inspiration."

Deborah Shands-Lee thought there would be a big turnout for Willy's visitation. She said, "I'm not surprised. If you had met him, you would know what I'm talking about."

A car hit and killed Willy last week in Elizabeth. He'll be cremated. His family plans to spread his ashes.