• City Council votes down alcohol advertisements on light rail

    By: Torie Wells


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Driving down the road in Charlotte you can see ads for alcohol on public transit.

    Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon said he doesn't like it.

    "I've had parents call and say, 'This isn't going to leave a good impression on my child,'" said Cannon.

    That is why he pushed to make sure that doesn't go any further.

    Tuesday night, Charlotte City Council agreed to let CATS advertise on platforms for the light rail, but alcohol isn't allowed.

    "We don't want it to be a distraction or encouragement to our youth, those who might be struggling with addictions, and so forth, so we think we made the right decision," said Cannon.

    "Quite frankly I think we've been wasting an opportunity to have revenue off that wall space," said City Council member Andy Dulin.

    CATS told Eyewitness News that it estimates it can make $200,000 a year on the new ads.

    Dulin said he wasn't opposed to the alcohol advertising but agreed with this plan and is glad more revenue will be coming in.

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