• City takes up issue with sidewalk advertising

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Channel 9 has learned a new advertising technique popping up around Charlotte is illegal.
    Whistleblower 9 investigator Scott Wickersham has been pressing the city for an answer and they they're taking action based on what he found.
    Ads on sidewalks around uptown Charlotte violate a city ordinance against signs on public property.
    The stenciled ads at Tenth Street and North Poplar Street advertise Ortho Carolina saying they're the official team physician of the Charlotte Knights.
    The company, The Savage Way, stenciled the ads and calls it clean graffiti.
    Charlotte Department of Transportation officials said, "The city takes the issue of spray-washed signs in the right-of-way very seriously.”
    The city ordinance regulating signs in the right-of-way applies to these messages.
    Businesses profiting from the signs are subject to fines and are being asked to remove them.
    The city has removed a sign in violation and is taking note of other locations. 
    The owner of The Savage Way declined to comment and a spokesperson for Ortho Carolina did not return calls.
    The city will continue to go after anyone who puts these signs on public property.

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