• City tells school system to mow two school lawns

    By: Alan Cavanna


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The city of Charlotte told Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to cleanup two of its lawns.

    A parent complained to the city after seeing high grass at Beverly Woods Elementary and the Smith Family Center.

    Inspectors told the school district it had until Saturday to get the lawns cut.

    Both lawns were mowed by Wednesday afternoon.

    Parents said CMS needs to be responsible.

    "The city shouldn't have to call them and get on them and harass them or threaten to fine them to cut the lawns and maintain the property," parent Keith Hurley said. "They need to be a good steward."

    CMS said it cut back on lawn maintenance this year to save more than $500,000.

    Lawns will be moved 22 times a year, instead of 37.

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