• Climbers not deterred after deadly fall at Crowders Mountain

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTON COUNTY, N.C. - Investigators still have questions on what caused a man to fall while climbing Crowders Mountain in Gaston County Monday.
    He died after hitting his head multiple times.

    Rangers said the man was an experienced climber and they are not sure what went wrong.

    Climbers were out at the mountain Tuesday morning.

    "It's a little shocking that somebody died here last night,” said Cassie Vincent. "It's not going to stop me at all, but I will definitely be a little more cautious."
    Chopper 9 Skyzoom captured witnesses looking on during the attempted rescue.
    He slipped and hit his head on the rock wall several times as he tumbled roughly 60 feet.
    The rope stopped him and left him hanging about 15 feet off the ground.
     A witness said the climber's lines didn't catch him.

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    "We are trying to understand the entire situation,” said Larry Hyde, Crowders State Park supervisor. “We are not sure exactly how he was tied into the anchors,."
    Rangers are inspecting the gear the climber was wearing.
    They said we're getting close to peak climbing season and they want all climbers to be careful.
    "It just reminds us to stay vigilant," said Monica Browne, a climber.

    Rangers are asking climbers not to climb alone.

    They want climbers to go up in pairs or in a group so there's always someone to call for help if a climber gets hurt.

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