• CMPD officers to be equipped with body cameras

    By: Stephanie Coueignoux


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police officers in Charlotte will soon be equipped with body cameras. It's a new push to keep officers and the public safer.
    This comes after the police department honored officers Tuesday who have risked their lives in the line of duty.
    Chief Rodney Monroe said with body cameras, police officers will be able capture crimes as they happen.
    “It’s about accountability. How do we hold ourselves and others accountable?" Monroe said.
    Monroe pointed to the awards ceremony, which honored officers, many of whom were recognized for their efforts during dangerous situations.
    “To be able to capture those events and share with the public, and use it for training. It can only enhance our ability to be out there and be more efficient,” Monroe said.
    Police already have access to hundreds of surveillance cameras on the sides of buildings and street corners.
    These new cameras will just enhance the eyes already on the streets.
    CMPD plans to spend $500,000 on the body cameras.  Channel 9 learned taxpayers aren't paying for it: $250,000 is coming from money forfeited from drug deals and the other $250,000 is from private funding from the Police Foundation.
    Monroe said with private funds, they aren't dependent on a yearly budget cycle. They can invest that money immediately.
     “It allows you to bring that sense of urgency to the work we do every day,” Monroe said.
    Monroe said CMPD is always looking to try new technology.
    Channel 9 asked how many body cameras the department will buy. However, it is still in the planning phase and there is not the exact amount.

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