• CMPD: Student hits another with beer bottle, punches teacher

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte high school student is facing assault charges after police said he attacked two other students and a teacher.

    Teachers told anchor Scott Wickersham the Independence High School student appeared to have been drinking, and was carrying a beer bottle he smashed against another student during that fight.

    La'domi Yarka Burris, 17, has faced charges before for assault including felony breaking and entering and larceny and resisting an officer.

    Some school staff members said they won't feel safe if this student comes back to class.

    A teachers group said it will fight to make sure he doesn't return.

    Teachers said Burris didn't show up for school Wednesday morning at Independence High School, but came to campus around lunch.

    Those inside say he was running in the halls with a beer bottle and appeared drunk.

    He went to a classroom “punched the teacher in the chest … assaulted a female by punching her in the face … hit the third victim over the head with a beer bottle,” according to the police report.

    Judy Kidd, with the classroom Teachers Association of North Carolina, said she's spoken to those involved.

    Burris was arrested and remains in jail.

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