• CMPD will use social media to increase holiday safety

    By: Tenikka Smith


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police are getting the jump on would-be criminals this holiday season by arming you with information to stay safe.

    Eyewitness News learned some of that information will be funneled through social media.

    Criminals will be looking for opportunities to strike during the holidays. 

    "We try to take away that opportunity and educate people on how to be safe,” said CMPD crime prevention officer Craig Allen.

    In the coming weeks, you can expect to get more advice and alerts from police through social media.

    It's a tool that's already in use in Plaza Midwood.

    "Plaza Midwood is very socially enabled.  We use Facebook, we use Twitter, we use websites and obviously a lot of people email," said Bob Smithwick, who lives in the neighborhood and is the president of the Merchants Association. 

    He pointed out that there is a Twitter feed from CMPD's Eastway division that's currently embedded into the neighborhood's website.  He said it’s a useful tool that could help put a dent in crime this holiday season.

    "Instead of having to wait and see it on the news or call a chain of people, it's instant," Smithwick said. "It's out there, it’s immediate and you can use it and you can use it to spread the word, too."

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