• CMS decision to close schools creates space issue

    By: Alan Cavanna


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The decision to close schools in Charlotte is creating space issues in the district.

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools closed 11 buildings last year and shifted thousands of students to create new prekindergarten through eighth-grade schools.

    New data from the district shows the schools that added grades are now overutilized, according to the district.

    For example, before the change Ashley Park Academy was 54 percent utilized.

    One year later, the school is at 139 percent utilization, meaning there are more teachers and students than there are classrooms.

    Board member Joyce Waddell said if growth continues, CMS should look at the schools they voted to close.

    Superintendent Heath Morrison didn't rule it out.

    "If the enrollment starts to pick up, and it is trending that way somewhat, even in our central zones, we'll look at an opportunity at some point to bring those buildings back," Morrison said.

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