CMS employee charged with sex crime: 16-year-old sex victim is mentally disabled

by: Tenikka Smith Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Eyewitness News has learned the 16-year-old boy who a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools employee is accused of committing sex crimes against is mentally disabled.

The arrest warrant said the boy "was mentally disabled, mentally incapacitated, and physically helpless."

One of the men charged in the crime, Orlando Jimenez, works as a transportation mechanic for CMS.

Jimenez did not have a comment when an Eyewitness News crew went by his home in Monroe on Thursday.

The alleged crime happened in Pender County, on the North Carolina coast.

Jimenez and a second suspect, Victor Vasquez, were at the home of the boy's mother.  Vasquez was the mother's boyfriend.

The boy lives in a special facility and was home for the Easter holiday.

Investigators said the boy's mother didn't know what happened until her son returned to the facility and she was contacted by a therapist.

Eyewitness News spoke with one of the Jimenez's neighbors, who did not want to show her face.

"How awful, I can't imagine for the parents of that child,” she said.

A CMS spokesperson said the district has no reason to believe there were any victims within the district. 

Orlando Jimenez is currently suspended from the district with pay.