CMS staff member suspended after pushing student in video

By: Stephanie Maxwell


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools support staff member is suspended with pay, after a video shows a student physically thrown out of a classroom.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, In-School Suspension Assistant Corey Clay, a staff member at Druid Hills Academy, has only been employed with the district since Feb. 24 and there's no record of other complaints.

Renee Sneed said her son told her that a staff member pushed him around Friday, but she had no idea what that meant until she saw the cellphone video.

She admits her 10-year-old son, DeVonte, gets into trouble in school and was in in-school suspension at the time.

Channel 9 obtained the eight-second video recorded by another student. Sneed said she never would've know about the incident until another student hit record.

Her son's face barely touches Clay's chest, and then the fifth-grader was pushed and hit the floor face-first.

According to her son, he and Clay had been arguing, because DeVonte's legs were blocking a walk-way in the classroom, and Clay used his hands to move the boy's legs.

"Regardless of how many problems he's had, that doesn't give a teacher permission to not only put your hands on him, but to toss him out the class like that. No," she said.

Sneed is grateful for the boy who recorded the video.

"I appreciate it," Sneed said. "Because if not, I wouldn't have gotten the full story."

Now she wants to make sure it never happens again. She plans to file a report with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police.

"I want to know that he's getting fired. Right now. Today,” Sneed said.

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