• Coach: Assault at softball game was a misunderstanding


    The man police said was assaulted up by a parent at a softball game told Eyewitness news his family is being threatened.

    Eyewitness News reported Monday that officers arrested James Roberts and charged him with assault.
    Police said Roberts actually ran up and attacked a man who was a parent on the other team.
    Roberts said he thought that some of the people on the team were making fun of his daughter Hannah, who has cancer.
    But the victim, Carter York, said that he never made fun of the girl and neither did anyone else on the team.
    York said because of the misinformation, he and his family are being threatened on social media.
    York said it was a misunderstanding and may have had something to do with him questioning the umpire over what he thought were some bad calls.
    Police also said that because the other team wasn't from the area, they're not sure how the players or the coach would have even known Hannah had cancer.

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