Complaints from Cornelius homeowners about revaluations get assessor's attention

by: Tenikka Smith Updated:


CORNELIUS, N.C.,None - For weeks, homeowners in Cornelius have been putting the pressure on county leaders, raising concerns about the accuracy and fairness of recent revaluations that sent many of their home tax values skyrocketing.

“Everyone saw a 20-plus percent increase,” said homeowner Kristina Corry. “(For) some people it’s valid, some it’s not.”

In addition to filing thousands of appeals, homeowners rallied together to air their frustration and confusion, through several meetings and letters that will be presented to the Mecklenburg County commissioners Tuesday night.

“I’d like to see houses not all lumped into one general increase,” Corry said. “I’d like to see each home looked at, each property assessed fairly.”

Their complaints got the attention of Mecklenburg County Assessor Garrett Alexander.  He sent out a letter Monday that said he is directing his staff to review the property valuation basis for Cornelius and the Lake Norman area and decide whether the process of how they value properties is fair.

“If families in our neighborhood gave examples of why they think it’s not fair and he’s willing to look into those, I think it’s good,” Corry said.

As for appeals that are currently under way, Alexander told Eyewitness News right now there is no indicator that the review will delay that process.  He said if necessary, the county can make changes to any appeals that have already been decided.