• Concord police investigate threats made toward students on social media site

    By: Andrew Doud


    CONCORD, N.C. - Concord police are investigating threats made to a number of students at C.C. Griffin Middle School in Concord.

    The threats happened on social networking site Instagram.

    Some parents are so concerned they are keeping their kids home from school until the person making the threats is caught.

    Parents of the students involved sent us screen shots taken from Instagram where a user threatens on multiple occasions to kill them, in one post saying, "I will track you down."

    "Cyberbullying is a sport for some," said Major Wendell Rummage with Concord Police Department.

    Major Rummage said the department has been investigating since Sunday.

    He said in some cases like these, the people making threats aren't even in the same state.

    He wants to reassure parents, the police are doing everything they can to make sure the children are safe.

    "We don't feel like this is a particular threat from anyone inside this school," Rummage said.

    But he said what makes matters worse, is the students who are threatened respond.

    Rummage said, "That's what spawns more and more and deeper threats and that will never stop if people continue to address it."

    Rummage said when they catch the person doing this he hopes the district attorney will make an example of them and punish them to the fullest extent.

    But right now, he said the suspect is looking at a misdemeanor.

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