Cost of parking going up at Charlotte Douglas


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Channel 9 has learned that the price to park at Charlotte Douglas International Airport will be rising when the new hourly parking opens later this year.

The city of Charlotte said that next month the daily rate will go up from $7 to $10 and curbside valet will go up from $19 a day to $28 a day.

Starting in February of next year, long term rates will increase from $5 to $7 per day.

The city said the increase will generate additional revenues needed to pay debt service in connection with the issuance of bonds used to finance parking improvements.

Here's how the pricing changes will look:

Curbside Valet: Was $19 daily, will be $28 daily
Hourly Deck: Opens Nov. 2014, will be $20 daily
Business Valet: Was $10 daily, will be $14 daily
Daily Deck: Was $7 daily, will be $10 daily
Daily North: Was $7 daily (No Change)
Long Term: Was $5 daily (No Change)