Cost of repairs at SouthPark Mall becoming clearer

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The cost of repairs at SouthPark Mall stemming from last month's roof collapse is becoming clearer.

On July 20, heavy rain ripped two holes in the roof and flooded parts of the mall.

Jim Bartl, the director of Code Enforcement for Mecklenburg County, said Wednesday that the holes in the roof are completely patched. Specifically, he said the roof shell and roof membrane have been reestablished.

However, a quick walk through the mall on Wednesday showed more than a dozen stores still closed, including Tinder Box Cigar Shop, Body Central, Bakers, Rockport, Swarovski, The Art of Shaving, Abercrombie, True Religion Jeans, Solstice, Bebe, Pottery Barn, Justice, Vera Bradley, Aldo, Brighton and Gymboree.

Anita Wallwork said she was last inside SouthPark Mall just a few days after the roof collapse.

That was when she learned just how bad the damage was near Banana Republic and Gap Kids.

In fact, that part of the mall was blocked off.

"That was the row I was going to try to go," she said.

Since then, the mall's Facebook page has been full of questions from customers asking which stores are closed and when they will reopen.

"I've heard there are repairs going on," Amber Calhoun said. "I'm not sure exactly where."

Building and mechanical permits filed with Mecklenburg County show several contracts for repairs.

One permit is for $20,000 of work at Bebe, including hanging and finishing drywall and painting.

Another is for $172,000 of work at Tinder Box, including demolishing and replacing drywall; replacing light fixtures; and installing new carpet and ceiling tile.

There are two contracts for work on the roof. One is $800,000 for reconstruction; the other is $80,000 for installation of a rooftop air handler.

Wallwark said the repairs won't keep her away for too much longer.

"I might go over there in another day or two," she said, "just to check it out and see."

Other permits issued include electrical work in the mall area and in some of the stores, like Banana Republic, Justice and Pottery Barn.

Code Enforcement officials said there is no timeline for when they expect repairs to finish because it's up to the mall and tenants.

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