Police arrest man accused of forcing couple into car at gunpoint

by: Sarah Rosario Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police say they've arrested a man who forced a couple into their car at gunpoint and then forced them to drive through north Charlotte as he demanded money.

The victims, both of whom are OK, said they're grateful the situation didn't end worse. Police said it happened in the parking lot outside of a bar in University City.

The suspect, Chris Agbanrin, faces several felony charges, including robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping.

Eyewitness News spoke with one of robbery victims over the phone. He said they were able to convince Agbanrin to let him drive.

When they spotted an ATM at a 7-11, he said they convinced the man they could get money there. When the woman ran inside, she called police.

When she didn't come back out, the suspect forced the man to keep driving. He eventually let him out somewhere on Sugar Creek Road.

Police arrested Agbanrin shortly after but said the car was nowhere to be found.

The victims said it's a 2003 maroon Acura with a Gamecocks sticker on the left rear window.

Eyewitness News spoke with people who work near the Flying Saucer and they said things like this don't happen very often.

“There are a lot of dangerous people out there nowadays. It's a shock to hear that it's happened in your own little nook," said Eddy Lagraba.

Eyewitness News checked police records and found that within the last year, there have been five violent crimes within a mile of where the couple was kidnapped.