• Couple charged with breaking into York County homes

    By: Greg Suskin


    YORK COUNTY, S.C. - A woman and her boyfriend were charged with stealing thousands of dollars worth of guns, electronics and jewelry from their neighbors.
    Danielle Delucchi, 19, and Dustin Mullinax, 22, face charges in at least five break-ins in York County.
    Sheriff's deputies believe the crime spree began in early May and ended just last week.   
    Deputies said the couple mostly targeted homes along Sawmill Road in the Hickory Grove area. That's the location of Mullinax's last known address.
    Christal Adams didn't even know her home was broken into until deputies called her, saying they'd found some guns registered to her son.
    “I felt so violated," she said. "They came in through a window but they put the screen back in place."
    That made her home look completely normal to her and she didn't notice anything missing at first.
    Last week some Department of Transportation workers near Hickory Grove spotted a car that pulled to the curb with people throwing gun cases into the woods. 
    Deputies recovered the rifles and traced them to Adams.
    She soon learned that her neighbors had been hit, too.
    "It's sad. Sad that they got screwed up with the wrong people," she said.
    A few doors down, Karen Comer came home in May to find a laptop, tablet and shotgun missing. 
    She also didn't find any forced entry to her home.
    She told Channel 9 she was glad two people have been caught, but still finds it unnerving to be at home alone sometimes.
    William Hardin said he got home in mid-June from a drive to Fort Mill and his flat-screen TV was gone. He said aside from the missing TV, there was no other evidence someone had been in his home. He thought he had locked his doors.
    Sheriff's investigators said Delucchi and Mullinax were pawning much of what they stole for prescription pills.  
    Some items were recovered from a pawn shop in Gastonia.
    Mullinax was arrested last week and Delucchi was caught Tuesday.    
    Both were charged with multiple counts of burglary, theft, conspiracy and grand larceny.
    Adams got back her son's hunting rifles, but not the jewelry her late husband had bought for her years ago.
    "They were gifts from him that I'll never be able to replace. I'd like to find it, but I doubt if that ever happens," she said.
    Adams told Channel 9 that a hand print found on her front window helped deputies make one of the arrests.

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