• CPCC students protest after transgender student claims she was harassed


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Dozens of people protested at a north Charlotte school Friday, claiming a transgender student was harassed after coming out of a women's restroom at Central Piedmont Community College.

    They are demanding a public apology from the school and also want all CPCC employees to go through training on transgender inclusion.

    The protesters also want the college to establish clear transgender inclusion policies.

    This all came to a head when a transgender student, Andraya Williams, said she was detained by campus police after coming out of a women's restroom on campus.

    She said she was harassed after that and said the university told her she could use one of the three gender neutral restrooms on campus, which she and others call discrimination.

    University officials released a statement saying they are investigating the incident and hope to reach an amicable resolution in the near future. Part of the statement reads:

    "CPCC has a 50-year history of being a fair, respectful and considerate of all students. The college does not tolerate harassment of any kind."

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