• Deer runs into hospital, corralled by employees

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CONCORD, N.C. - A deer ran into a Concord hospital Thursday after crashing through a car windshield.

    MUST SEE VIDEO: Deer wanders into Concord hospital

    Hospital officials said the young male deer came out of a wooded area next to Carolinas Medical Center Northeast, crossed the street and jumped over a hedge, landing on an employee’s windshield.

    “It hit my car and runs into the kitchen where I’m working,” Jane McManus said.

    The deer entered the hospital through a loading dock and proceeded down a hallway into the kitchen.

    “Everyone was going crazy,” McManus said.

    Hospital employees were able to corral the deer in a utility closet and hold it until animal control officers could arrive.

    The deer was tranquilized and transported to another wooded area in the county.

    “It’s an insane story,” McManus said.

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