Delegates from Carolinas get prime seating at arena

by: Scott Wickersham Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Delegates from all over the country began filling the floor of Time Warner Cable Arena on Tuesday.

North Carolina found out it would have a good location in the arena last week, and South Carolina found out Monday that its delegates were close to the stage, as well.

The South Carolina delegates are in front, but in the bowl and not on the main floor. By contrast, North Carolina is on the main floor and in front row off to the right, about 20 feet from the stage.

It’s all about swing votes, said political expert Dr. Michael Bitzer.

States that are already locked up by either party can end up in the cheap seats.

Those in play, or those close to the president, like Hawaii and Illinois, get close.

In the end, Bitzer said, it’s all about creating buzz.