Deputies: Manhunt ends when man found holding breath under water

by: Greg Suskin Updated:


YORK COUNTY, S.C. - An automated emergency call to Janie Waters and hundreds of her neighbors described a man who's considered armed and dangerous, and on the loose.

"I’m glad they put the call out because it told me to keep my grandkids indoors, and for us to keep our doors locked," Waters said.
Henry Thomas Zissett, 38, was wanted by Lexington County Sheriff's deputies on multiple charges including making meth, running a chop shop, and weapons charges.

Zissett was captured late Friday afternoon.

Deputies said Zissett was seen walking through a field and deputies tracked him to a fishing creek near Chester County.

Deputies said Zissett was holding his breath under water in a creek hiding from deputies. He was arrested without incident.

Zissett will be booked in York County and then probably be taken to Lexington to face charges.

He took off running when York County Sheriff's deputies tried to arrest him in Rock Hill on Friday morning.
Deputies were serving the warrants at a home on Schuyler Drive where he had been staying.
Waters lives right across the street from that house, which is the only one on the street with an overgrown yard, and unkept appearance.
"Something is always happening at that house," Waters said. "Police are there all the time."
Neighbors saw the SLED helicopter flying low over their homes, and sheriff's deputies going from house to house, yard to yard along Dunlap Roddey Road.
Diane Parker lives inside the search area.
“I locked my doors. I'm afraid, I really am," she said.
Sheriff's deputies twice expanded the range of the automated call, hoping it would give them a better chance of catching Zissett.
"We just want to tell the folks out there to be on the lookout, just be an extra set of eyes if they see anybody running through their backyard or through the woods somewhere," said sheriff's spokesman deputy Trent Faris.
He served prison time for having a meth lab in Lexington County back in 2007.

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