• Deputies charge man after he allegedly sexts 11-year-old girl

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. - A Chester County man is accused of sending pornographic pictures of himself to an 11-year-old girl.  That girl immediately went to her mother.
    John Robbins was charged with the crime that sheriff's investigators said he confessed to.
    Destiney Mullery, 15, was having the victim over for a sleep over last week when the alleged incident happened.
    "I was just shocked that a man could do that to a little girl," Mullery said.
    She said an instant message appeared on Facebook asking the 11-year-old to send a picture of herself.
    She refused and deputies said Robbins sent pictures of his genitals to her.
    Mullery quickly told the victim’s mother about it.
    "I told her mom what happened, but I would not let her see it because of her age," she said.
    Sheriff's deputies said the victim has known Robbins for most of her life.
    They were friends on Facebook and Mullery was also friends with Robbins on the social media site, but did not know him personally.
    She has deleted him from her list of friends.
    Sheriff's investigators are glad that the child and parents acted immediately so they could make an arrest.
    Sheriff Alex Underwood said his worry is that things could've escalated.
    "This can lead to other things,” Underwood said. “You have all types of predators that are out there on social media," Underwood said. "Everybody did the right thing this time."
    Underwood encouraged parents to closely monitor what their children are doing online and who they are talking to.
    Channel 9 went to Robbins' home in Catawba County Tuesday afternoon, hours after he bonded out of jail.
    He answered the door, but said he had no comment about his arrest.
    Robbins was charged with two counts of disseminating obscene material to a minor under 12 years old.
    Each count carries a possible 15 years in prison.

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