• Skull found near where Zahra's remains recovered

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. - The rain has postponed the search Wednesday morning at the site where turkey hunters found a skull in the woods Tuesday.

    The skull was found not far from where detectives looked for Zahra Baker's remains more than a year ago.

    It's in northern Caldwell County off of Highway 268.

    Investigators aren't saying if they think the skull is that of Baker, the 10-year-old whose disappearance and death captivated the area.

    SLIDESHOW: Photos of Zahra Baker

    Baker's stepmother pleaded guilty to killing and dismembering her and then dumping the remains throughout the North Carolina mountains.

    People living nearby think it is the girl's skull.

    "Everybody around here seems to think it's Zahra," Dyson Ford said, "I think that there's a good chance of it."

    Others aren't so sure.

    "It may be Zahra, but it could have come from somewhere else, like a dog or some other kind of animal carried it over in that direction," said Dalton Ford.

    But many hope it is Baker's, a girl they still talk about and one you notice they call by first name, as if they knew her personally.

    When asked if she'd like closure, Rebecca Dula said, "Yeah. Yeah. That'd be nice."

    Investigators plan to send the skull to the state lab in hopes of identifying it.

    For more infomation on the Zahra Baker case, including a timeline visit wsoctv.com/zahrabaker.

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