• Developer considers 95-unit apartment complex in Elizabeth

    By: Tina Terry


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A developer wants to build nearly 100 new apartments in the middle of the Elizabeth neighborhood, but some say the area is already too crowded.
    The company is asking the city to rezone more than an acre of land on Seventh Street between Clement and Pecan avenues.
    The portion of land that developer is interested in is mostly full of trees and bushes.
    Many neighbors really want to see it developed, but others want to make sure this project is the right fit.
    The application states after rezoning 1.5 acres of land on Seventh near Pecan Avenue, the developer would build “a multi-family apartment building with a maximum of 95 units.”
    “That's too many people here. That's another 200 people right here.  Why do we need 200 people right here look at all this now,” said resident Mitch Cooper/
    Cooper is concerned the project would add even more cars to an already congested Seventh Street.
     Some neighbors -- who've been waiting for development here for years --- are very open to the idea. 
    Off camera, some said they're not concerned about the size of the project, but just want to make sure the developer addresses concerns such as parking and traffic congestion. 
    They also want to know how tall the building will be and how surrounding homes will be affected.
    Ed White stands to benefit from the project. His family currently owns the property, but he said he also wants what's best for this community and this project could deliver what it needs.
    “We're looking at limited multifamily housing that will bring additional patrons to the businesses,” he said.
    The president of the neighborhood association said the developer has been meeting with neighbors for months now --- keeping them informed about the project.
    The developer didn't want to give any details Friday about the project. A public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 15.

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