• Dive crews return to rock quarry near Concord

    By: Jim Bradley


    CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. - Search crews were back at it on Monday, once again out with divers and underwater cameras searching for the body of a missing person.

    For investigators and a local family, answers and evidence have been hard to come by.

    Dive teams from the Charlotte Fire Department spent hours searching for the body of a missing person in a quarry along Highway 49 in Concord.

    A tip last week led police there, and sources tell Eyewitness News that they are looking for Crystal Morrison, who disappeared in August.

    Morrison has not been seen since, despite vigorous efforts by her family to keep her case in the spotlight.

    On Monday afternoon, divers went underwaterthemselves but came up empty-handed, and other crew members snaked submersible cameras through the murky water, hoping to catch a glimpse of evidence.

    At a staging area where police cars and an ambulance kept vigil, no one wanted to comment about the search or what prompted the decision to come back again on Monday.

    Kevin Ryan, a private investigator working with the family of Morrision, told Eyewitness News by phone that they are not giving up the hope that she is still alive.

    "I don't know for a fact that the police are out there searching for specifically Crystal. But again, the family remains hopeful at this point," said Ryan.

    In addition to Monday's search and last Thursday's search, Eyewitness News has also learned that divers were in the water there the week before, as well.

    There have been three attempts to find evidence there, but so far, none has been found.

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