Dive team searches pond for evidence in triple homicide case



UNION COUNTY, N.C. - Charlotte firefighters combed a pond in Union County on Tuesday, looking for evidence in a triple homicide case.

The dive team loaded up their boats on Tuesday morning.  They were working with the Union County Sheriff's Office evidence crews, using metal detectors and magnets, hoping to find the murder weapons.

The triple murder happened two weeks ago in Marshville.

Last week, detectives arrested Randall Morrison in the case, on charges he killed his two neighbors and his cousin with a shotgun and knife.

But investigators still have not recovered those weapons. They said information led them the property, which is owned by Randall Morrison's grandparents.

It’s the same spot where detectives said they found evidence last week that tied Morrison to the murders, including cell phones from the victims.

The sheriff said they plan on not only searching the pond, but every square inch of the entire property until they find the weapons.

They didn't find the weapons in the pond during Tuesday's search.