DNC committee fell short of fundraising goal

by: Scott Wickersham Updated:


The goal was $37 million, but federal records showed that that the host committee for the DNC fell $12.5 million short of that goal.

The DNC raised $24.1 million dollars short of their original goal of $36.6 million.

Duke Energy gave the host committee a major boost by donating $5.7 million dollars in cash and in-kind contributions.

Democrats promised that the convention in Charlotte would be the most open and accessible in history. However, they would have never discussed fundraising specifics leading up to the DNC and whether or not they had yet reached their $37 million goal without taking corporate donations.

Political expert Dr. Michael Bitzer said Republicans could pounce on Wednesday's announcement trying to spin the lack of fundraising as a lack of excitement for President Obama.

"It will raise some eyebrows. Republicans will certainly take advantage of it, but I'm not sure either will be that big of a hit," said Bitzer.

Eyewitness News tried to ask Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx what he expects. Foxx denied comment but promised a statement after the numbers came out.

With all the talk about presidential debates and fireworks on stage, Bitzer doubts this announcement will be a major factor in the election, especially since it is coming almost six weeks after the DNC ended.

Bitzer said corporate money could still end up boosting the Democrats' bottom line.

"They'll just keep raising money and probably quietly go back to corporations. Campaigns sometimes have debt that lasts for several years," said Bitzer.

Host committee officials are trying to argue the deficit is not that high because they lowered the budget.

They will not say when, but they told Eyewitness News that they lowered their budget to $31.3 million thus lowering their goal at that point.