Dog found shot and bound is recovering



MAIDEN, N.C. - A dog found shot and bound along the side of a road is being nursed back to health by a family in Catawba County.
The terrier mix nicknamed “Camilla” underwent surgery to have one of her eyes removed after someone shot her in the head and tied her back legs together before dumping her in a ditch near Cherryville after Christmas.
Since her surgery, Camilla's appetite has returned and she has adjusted to having only one eye.
"She has come out of her shell,” Eunice Copley, who is fostering Camilla, said. “When she first came here, she would stay in the bedroom and hide. Now she comes out and plays with the other dogs. Her best friend is the husky and my 12-year old son."

Several people have started a reward fund in hopes of catching the person responsible for the animal cruelty.

They've raised nearly $1,500.

Camilla may be ready to adopt next week.

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