Dog given second chance put down after aggressive behavior


MONROE, N.C. - A dog that was given a second chance had to be put down after lashing out, according to the dog’s Facebook page.

Paul, a German shepherd, was due to be euthanized for aggression at the end of March. He was rescued and was undergoing training.

However on Tuesday, Paul’s owner posted on a Facebook page created for the dog that Paul, who was also called Saul, was put down.

Paul’s owner said on Sunday, during a socialization session, the German shepherd lashed out at an adult volunteer who had experience with dogs. Paul’s owner pulled the dog from the volunteer and suffered the brunt of the attack to his hands and forearms.

Animal Control was called to try and control Paul, but he could not be calmed. Paul’s life was ended.

The owner said previously Paul only barked at those he did not know, and had been making progress.

Paul was sentenced to death earlier by a local animal shelter after he bit a staff worker, according to Paul’s Facebook page. Paul had been found as a stray.