• Don Griffin's Green Superfood drink recipe


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Don Griffin is 65, but as many Channel 9 viewers have noted, he doesn’t look his age.

    Griffin credits his healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and a healthy diet.

    After he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago, Don came up with his own personal health drink mix, which he consumes every morning.

    He calls it his Green Superfood Drink and says it has helped him to stay healthy and young-looking.

    He’s even gotten a number of his co-workers to try it.

    The recipe is below.

    Don Griffin's Green Superfood Drink

    1 scoop sprouted plant protein (available at health food stores)
    1 teaspoon Spirulina (powdered seaweed)
    1 scoop Amazing Grass superfood
    8 ounces apple juice in a blender bottle (or any juice or liquid of your choice)

    Shake well and drink

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