• Driver escapes serious injury when sheet of ice crashes through windshield

    By: Dave Faherty


    NEWTON, N.C. - A driver of a truck is recovering after a sheet of ice flew through his windshield.
    Investigators said it slid off an 18-wheeler on Highway 16 just south of Newton.
    Highway Patrol troopers said the driver was heading north when snow and ice came right through his windshield.
    Chopper 9 flew over the scene Friday afternoon where the windshield could be seen with a hole in it from the ice.
    Jimmy Campbell was headed in the opposite direction when the accident happened
    A friend of Campbell’s said the impact was so severe it looked like the pickup truck hit a deer.
    He isn’t sure how Campbell, who had cuts on his face and is out of the hospital, didn’t crash.
    Channel 9 asked troopers: If the truck driver had stopped, would he have been charged?
    They said the trucker was probably unaware of what happened and most likely would not have been charged.

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