• Duke Energy customers may pay for spill

    By: Blair Miller


    Duke Energy suggested customers may have to pay for massive chemical spill in North Carolina.

    Plenty of people complained at a hearing Monday about the recent spill at one of Duke Energy's coal ash ponds.

    They had harsh words for the company and they're very concerned about what's being done about it.

    People from across the state Came to the capital With harsh words for duke energy After a spill at one of its coal ash ponds two weeks ago.

    Duke energy executives listened as lawmakers grilled their spokesman George Everett, who apologized and said the company plans to make it right.

    “Our first concern was for the people drinking water from the river. That's Danville,” Everett said.

    Everett didn't say much about plans for clean-up but when asked who'd pay for it, he suggested Duke customers.

    He said the state's utilities commission would decide how much of that would be passed on to customers.
    One state lawmaker from Greensboro said company shareholders should help pay for it and that Duke Energy should get rid of any remaining coal ash ponds.

    Everett and state officials continue to say the water near the spill is safe to drink but environmental advocates described pollution.

    “We saw ducks swimming through coal ash. We saw a bald eagle flying over a river of coal ash. We passed a heron that's now sitting on coal ash,” one environmentalist said.

    Channel 9 asked Duke Energy how it would it pay for the cleanup.
    They said they would try to find an answer to our question but didn’t get back to us Monday.
    Now, we're seeing what could be one of the first signs of problems in the river from the spill.
    A Danville, Va., fisherman took pictures of two dead turtles on the Dan River bank and was so upset he decided to share them online.

    Little did he know the pictures would be circulated thousands of times putting the national spotlight on Danville raising questions about the impact of the coal ash spill.

    The Charlotte-based energy giant will release its fourth-quarter and year-end earnings results at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

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