• Easter weekend storm takes several Charlotte trees down


    CHARLOTTE - Easter weekend’s storms brought several trees in Charlotte down, including one in Meyers Park.

    “We just heard …crash …and then ‘boom,’ and that was the tree [hitting] the car right there,” Fernando Cuzco said.

    The tree narrowly missed Cuzco’s home, but his neighbor’s car wasn’t so lucky

    “Fortunately, it didn’t hit the house, but it sure did a number on that station wagon,” Mike O’Shaughnessy said.

    Sunday joggers and bikers had to go around the giant tree near Irby Drive and Westfield Road.

    “It’s got to be 50-60 years old,” O’Shaughnessy said. “And with all the rain we had, it just loosened up the ground.”

    The wind certainly didn’t help, but it wasn’t an isolated incident. Eyewitness News reported on widespread tree issues in the Charlotte area on Friday, warning that because of the upcoming weekend storms--more large, older, damaged trees could easily fall. Saturday night, several trees fell within hours of each other.

    Firefighters told Eyewitness News that a tree fell on a home on Augusta Road because of the saturated ground. Saturday a tree snapped in two in south Charlotte, taking power lines with it. People are worried about other trees that are now weakened by the weather.

    “That one is [leaning] to the left,” Cuzco said, pointing out a neighbor’s tree. “And I got this one too. You can see it’s [leaning].”

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